Ways of using solar power.


Project #1 Solar Candles

Have you ever walked into a hardware store or department store like K-mart and saw solar walkway lights on display? These are the lights that you just stick into the ground in a place that gets at least a few hours of sun and when night comes, you have a little light marking the edge of your sidewalk or garden. Read More…

Project #2 Solar Nightlight

This project utilizes those apparently dead solar walkway lights. These are the same type of lights used for our solar candle project except that these were actually stuck in the ground and used for their intended purpose. Read More…

Project #3 Solar Shed Light

This project deals with another ready made product that I bought from Harbor Freight Tools. I have a storage shed under my deck that doesn’t have any lighting. Rather than installing a 120 volt circuit from the house, I decided to buy a solar powered shed light for about $30. Read More..

Project #4 Solar Soda Bottle Light

This is more of an experiment rather than a project but it teaches an important lesson about utilizing solar light in a building. It also teaches about the concept of refraction or light dispersion.

There have been some headlines lately about a light made from a one liter soda bottle that is solar powered. In a way, that’s true but a more accurate description is that of a simple but highly efficient skylight sometimes called a solar tube. Read More…


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